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Bach Mass in B Minor

Soprano: Rhiannon Llewellyn
Mezzo Soprano: Catherine Al-Ghabra
Counter Tenor: James Neville
Tenor: Jeff Davies
Baritone: Guy Harbottle
Organist: John Cheer
Leader: Marisa Wall 

Conductor: Dominic Neville

The Mass in B Minor was Bach’s last major work and one that he himself never heard in its entirety given that it would not have been performed on a single occasion in his day.

The Society’s soloist for the occasion were Rhiannon Llewelyn (soprano), Cathy Al-ghabra (soprano), James Neville (counter-tenor), Jeff Davies (bass) and Guy Harbottle (bass).

The concert orchestra was led by Marissa Wall.

Bach Mass in B Minor 

Saturday 6th November 7.30pm 


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